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eParking services

The parking map on the home page will provide a detailed overview of the parking lots in different districts. By clicking on the image of the parking lot or the name of the selected parking lot in the list below the map, it will open all available information about the specific parking lot.

eParking currently provides the following services:

  • e-Parking permit
  • Parking kiosk
  • Parking lot manager
  • PIN ticket
  • e-Parking
  • Smart parking
  • e-Service

e-Parking permit

"e-Parking permit“ is an electronic parking ticket (parking permit) purchased in the eParking environment. It can be purchased by private customers as well as business customers.

You can choose the location of the parking lot, as well as the duration of the parking permit, and the recommended start time (date and time) at your discretion. After making the necessary choices, you will be able to pay for the parking permit by making an online transfer to all of the biggest local banks. If it is possible to park the vehicle for free for specific time in the parking lot of your choice (for example, the first hour is free), then your free time will be added to the validity period of the ticket you purchased.

We recommend choosing the e-Parking permit to those customers who want to plan their time or who do not have the opportunity to pay for m-parking.

For example, when visiting a hospital or hotel, we suggest purchasing an e-Parking permit beforehand for the planned time to avoid later inconveniences.

e-Parking permit is also the most convenient cashless way to purchase a parking service. No need to print a paper permit. The parking permit you purchased is electronic and it is activated automatically on the date and time you choose.

You can view your active, pending, and invalid parking permits in your user account. If necessary, the validity of the parking permit is checked by the parking controller using a specially designed mobile terminal.

A short guide how to purchase an e-Parking permit

To make a purchase, we recommend that you create your own user account. You can also create an account later in the purchasing process.
Choose the parking location, the duration and the start time of the recommended parking permit, including date and time. After making the necessary choices, you can pay for the parking permit by bank transfer to the biggest local Internet banks. You can also put your e-Parking permit order on hold and pay later.

NB! In order for the service to work smoothly, you should ensure that your car number(s), email address and mobile phone number are entered correctly. All service invoices will always be sent to the e-mail address you entered after making the payment, and a reminder message will be sent to the mobile phone number you entered before the parking permit expires. 

Parking kiosk

When visiting a service facility, commercial establishment or store by car, we often notice that the parking spaces intended for customers' cars have been occupied by some outsider vehicles. Building managers and/or owners are trying to sort out the chaos of the parking lot with the help of various methods. Unfortunately, often their methods do not produce the expected results, if only for the reason that there is no professional parking management supervision.

To solve such a situation, we offer the "Parking Kiosk" service.

Parking kiosk is an electronic parking permit eParking user interface, in which, by entering the car's registration number, an electronic parking permit is assigned to the specific vehicle for parking the vehicle in a certain parking place. Usage of parking kiosks is helping to reduce common parking problems by managing parking rights in parking lots near shops, hair salons, gyms, etc. institutions among visitors of this establishment. The parking kiosk is placed in a visible place in the client company. The customer will be informed about the existence of the parking kiosk by a sticker on the door - eParking.

Entering the electronic parking permit at the kiosk is very simple. Using the keyboard on the touch screen of the parking kiosk, the customer visiting the organization enters the registration number of the vehicle, after which the expiration date of the vehicle's parking permit is displayed on the kiosk screen.

To achieve the best result, it is recommended to link the "Parking Kiosk" service with the parking monitoring service.
Thus, the validity of the permit will be checked by the parking controller when necessary using a dedicated mobile terminal.
Service description, wall kiosk below:
 Pakalpojuma apraksts, sienas kiosks(pdf  81 KB)
Service description, floor kiosk below:

Parking lot manager

Parking lot manager is the Internet-based parking software of the electronic parking permit system eParking. With the help of the software, it is possible for a person who is authorized as its user to administer vehicle parking permits in a specific parking area.
The main user of the Parking Manager can be, for example, an apartment cooperative, the manager of an office building or the administrative manager of another institution whose area of ​​responsibility includes issues related to parking management. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, regardless of its physical location and you can manage your parking permits. The use of the system supports all common internet browsers.

In order to use the private services of the website www.eparking.lv, the system user needs a username and password. With the help of just a few clicks, you will be able to choose the duration of your parking permit - from a few hours to an unlimited period.

The statistical model of the system will, if necessary, provide you with a good overview of parking permits in real time.

In order to get the best result when using this solution, it is recommended to combine the service with a professional parking monitoring service.

The validity of the parking permits entered through the parking manager is checked by the Cityparks parking controller, according to the valid parking regulations.

Service description:

Pakalpojuma apraksts (pdf 106 KB)

"PIN ticket"

(PIN - a personal identification number)

The PIN ticket is a user interface of the electronic parking permit system eParking, which is used to control barriers or gates in closed parking lots and authorise the vehicle driver to use the parking lot for a certain period of time.

The PIN-ticket solution can be used both in the management of the parking spaces for the tenants of an office building, and also partly to offer the service of using a paid parking space in the same parking lot to other potential users. To raise the barrier, the driver of the vehicle should enter the unique four-digit number or PIN-code using the keyboard in the parking equipment located at the entry or exit point of the parking lot.

Your tool for parking management

A convenient administration interface will help a person with the granted rights to issue, extend or close parking lot usage rights (PIN-tickets) for any parking lot users.
The duration of use of the parking lot can be determined with an accuracy of one minute. The statistics related to the use of the parking lot can be viewed in real time by a person who has the relevant rights.

By using the PIN -ticket solution, the misuse of the car park associated with the use of remote controls and touch cards is significantly reduced, the most common of which is the illegal transfer of parking rights to third parties. The right to use the parking lot is granted only to drivers who have obtained the PIN ticket legally. The received PIN-code can be used countless times during the specified period, but only by one driver at a time.

When the time for using the parking lot has expired, the PIN-code is no longer valid (it deactivates) and the driver must contact the manager of the parking lot in order to leave the parking lot.
The solution is also related to the "Parking lot manager" service.

Convenient shopping environment for paid parking permit applications

Applying for parking rights is very simple. To purchase a PIN-ticket in the eParking service environment, the parking permit applicant must select the start time of the parking service and then the duration of the parking service. The following units are available - hour, 24 hours, week, month. After the payment for the right to use the parking lot has been made in the internet bank, an invoice is sent to the buyer's e-mail address together with the purchased PIN-ticket, which consists of two four-digit codes - PIN-code and PUK-code. NB! For a small fee, you can also order a PIN-ticket to a mobile phone in the form of a text message. The buyer can use the received PIN-code for entering and leaving the parking lot an unlimited number of times during the selected period. When the time is exceeded, the PIN code is deactivated and the PUK code must be used to exit the parking lot.

Use of PUK code (PUK - PIN unlock key)

If the purchased parking time is exceeded, the PUK-code must be used to leave the parking lot. An additional invoice for the parking service will be sent to you for using the PUK code. In this case, the parking service is calculated for each started hour, and the calculation is based on the following formula:

(PUK-code entry time – PIN-code validity period) x hourly rate x 1.5 (coefficient)

What you get when you use this service:

  • You will always have a guaranteed parking spot;
  • When purchasing a PIN-ticket, there is no charge for the payment made in the internet bank

The solution is related to the "e-Parking permit" service.

Service description:

Pakalpojuma apraksts (pdf 90 KB) 


e-Parking is a complex solution for a monthly subscription, which includes most of the possibilities of using the eParking service. The monthly subscription of e-Parking includes monitoring of the parking lot, the necessary traffic management tools, and, if necessary, informational material intended for the customers of the parking lot.

The "e-Parking" solution is always different in each parking area, and when creating this solution, the wishes of the customer are always taken into account.

Service description in the form of indicative costs:

Pakalpojuma apraksts indikatīvo izmaksu veidā(pdf  77 KB)

Additional informationinfo@eparking.lv


The Smartparking service is a parking software related to the electronic parking permit system eParking designed for use on smartphones. The Smartparking service is a payment method that provides an opportunity to pay for parking using a smartphone. With the Smartparking service, you can park your vehicle in private and paid municipal parking spaces.

With the Smartparking service you get the best price for parking a car in the Cityparks car parks in Latvia!

You can learn more about this service and download the parking software on your phone on the website www.smartparking.lv.

Service description:

Pakalpojuma apraksts (pdf 117 KB) 


Using e-Service, it is possible to purchase electronic parking tickets in various parking lots, view the history of parking ticket purchases, view your Smartparking service invoices and, if necessary, send an authorized notification to the parking lot operators. If you have received a parking fine, then in the e-Service environment you can view the conditions related to the parking fine, incl. photographs of the vehicle. If you wish, you can file a complaint about the imposed penalty directly via e-service, or pay the penalty immediately using the link to the bank.